Tri County Play Collaborative

Tri County Play Collaborative (TCPC) is an early childhood partnership between Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester First Steps local agencies, libraries, and cultural attractions offering parents and caregivers of young children from every community and economic background free or low-cost access to the Lowcountry’s world-class museums, theatres, aquarium, historical sites, and nature centers. 

By offering this access, TCPC seek to introduce young children from hard-to-reach communities to the powerful world of personal discovery and learning. Hundreds of young children, parents & caregivers, and early educators can explore local cultural and natural history, expand early learning concepts, deepen interests, and connect their natural curiosity to the wider world around them. And by integrating early reading and literacy experiences at local libraries, TCPC gives more young children the opportunity to see what they read about in library books come alive.

Visit the TCPC website to learn more. If you/your organization would like to join and support TCPC, this slide show gives you more information.