Upcoming Trainings

  • Tuesday, April 21, 2015
6:30-8:30 PM
Topic Area:  Child Growth & Development
"The Importance of Relationships" 
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Trident United Way Building 
2nd Floor Board Room
6296 Rivers Ave. N. Charleston, SC

Child Care Quality Enhancement Trainer
Quality Enhancement Trainer

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Public Training Partnerships 
Our efforts to improve the quality of child care includes affordable, high quality training to meet the needs of the local child care workforce. We offer these services for FREE. 

First Steps-sponsored training is certified through the SC Center for Child Care Career Development and includes topics in the areas of nutrition, health & safety, curriculum, child growth & development, child guidance, professional development and program administration. 

Quality Enhancment Trainings & Directors' Forums 
Charleston County First Steps
6296 Rivers Ave.
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N. Charleston, SC 29406    
PHONE: (843) 745-0237
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Email: ccfs@charlestonfirststeps.org

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All of the Charleston County First Steps associated Child Care Centers are provided with private trainings.  The best practices taught in these trainings receive follow-up support in the classroom by certified Technical Assistants.  

In addition, all Center staff receive additional training and development at quarterly Directors Forums.