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If you are interested in contacting James Ella Collins please do so via email or by phone at (843) 745-0237
A Moment with our Executive Director  
Charleston County First Steps
4975 LaCross Road
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N. Charleston, SC 29406    
PHONE: (843) 745-0237
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Email: ccfs@charlestonfirststeps.org

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Find Us On:
Welcome to Charleston County First Steps! 

It is my honor to serve the Charleston community through a statewide school readiness initiative. Your visit to our site today suggests you are a partner in this very important initiative!

We hope that as you peruse and utilize the resources on our site, you'll find that Charleston County First Steps is committed to helping children, families, and child care professionals prepare our youngest learners for school and life success. While some of our local statistics pertaining to predictors of school success are less than optimal -- child health, maternal education, family composition, for example -- our collaborative work is reversing some long-standing trends. Already, we have sound, positive program outcomes that foreshadow a brighter future for our children and our community.  

Whether you are a parent, child care professional, legislator, or child welfare advocate, you are a part of our mission and vision. Please take a minute to download our Annual Report to learn more about our program outcomes. On behalf of the Charleston County Partnership Board and staff, I invite you to frequent our website and join our mission to help get children ready for school!

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Please take a moment to review our
FY16 Annual Report